Dena Bugel-Shunra

A bilingual upbringing gives Dena Bugel-Shunra a helpful start for a translation career. Hard-pressed to identify her actual native language, she stumbled into her profession by mistake, in 1989; since then she’s Translated more than 10,000,000 words into English and Hebrew, including more than 25 published books. Her initial focus was technical documentation and how-to books, but legal material (contracts, wiretaps, testimony, patents, and so forth) have become her main passion.

Bugel-Shunra has interpreted in conferences, negotiations, depositions, and focus groups and maintains her accreditation as registered interpreter with the Washington State Administration of the Courts as Hebrew interpreter. She has presented ATA seminars for translators about issues ranging from homeland security to knitting, and writes in trade publications such as Multilingual Computing and The ATA Chronicle as well as more general publications.
In her spare time, Bugel-Shunra knits and spins and translates poetry for fun: “Translation is not just a career – it’s a lifestyle.”

G. Daniel Bugel-Shunra

G. Daniel Bugel-Shunra has been translating and interpreting professionally since 1992, in the four languages he has at his command: English, Dutch, German, and Hebrew.

He was accredited as translator and interpreter in the Netherlands and in Belgium, where he studied the legal terminology of both countries, which share a single language that has two names: Dutch (in the Netherlands) and Flemish (in Belgium). He has achieved further accreditation from the Washington State Administration of the Courts, as registered interpreter in German, Dutch, and Hebrew

Since his relocation to the United States in 2001 he has focused on work with international law firms, courts, corporations, and governmental and non-governmental organizations. This enhances his previous experience in Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Israel.

Special services Bugel-Shunra has been required to perform have been on-site linguistic consultation, document analysis and selection. He has managed large multi-lingual projects.

He is as comfortable in a courtroom environment as on a hiking trail, and has been gaining recognition as a photographer in a series of group and solo shows since 2007.